Admissions opens for academic session 2012-2013.
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With the Globalization of international trade the world has expanded its market of business. The competition in the international market has increased many folds as there is a huge quantity of finished products of international standard which are floating in the market. They are practically looking for their consumers to come and fetch. Under such competitive scenario it has become very important for the producers to prioritize for quality production. Keeping this concept in mind Golden Regency Institute has been continuously producing high quality professionals for the Hospitality industry for the past eight years. In return the industry has also highly acknowledged the quality production of this institute.

Within past few years it has been observed that the requirement of personnel trained in the hospitality trait has immensely increased. Simultaneously the needs for general business management and computer management personnel also have considerably increased. With this view in mind Golden Regency Institute has introduced a new field of education in their institute named “Golden Regency Institute of Management Studies” offering Bachelors & Masters in Business and Computer Administration.

The curriculum and standard of teaching in this institute make the students prepared to face future challenges with confidence as a business graduate. We prepare the students ready to react in the global market of management.

With the major social and technological changes, globalization has brought about changes in every part of the world. The business executives of the management hierarchy, in the present day context, will have to find themselves comfortable in any part of the world within any kind of operating pattern and framework. And our objective is to prepare our students accordingly so as to make themselves comfortable at every sphere of their professional activities.

In Golden Regency we insist in a high degree of discipline and ultimately we believe that a disciplined individual can win over any odd situation that they may come across.


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